About us

Hellopapercat started in April of 2015. I had just started getting into planning and started making happy mail for my friends of donuts and magical girl anime. My two favorite things. I combined them and made a dashboard and ventured into making bookmarks. My friend Rachel told me I should look into opening an etsy so I decided to try it out and the rest is history! I love making cute things and I love fandom. Especially fandom that helps me relive my childhood.

I came up with the name Hellopapercat by adding paper to the end of my middle name (Kat) and I put Hello in front of it. For as long as I could remember, I had been adding Hello in front of a lot of my usernames growing up because I adored Hello Kitty and would name myself Hello Seriya and such haha. 

I really love my little shop. Thank you so much for supporting it. I never knew how much joy it would bring me by making and creating happy mail everyday for people.